Made in the USA

The Model Si-R is the first torque wrench specifically designed to quickly and reliably torque bolts on ANSI flanged drilling risers. In fact our riser wrenches are used on more drilling rigs around the world than all other manufactures combined. Our riser wrench is extremely rugged, and easily operated by one person. Because of its size, the wrench is normally suspended from an overhead wire rope. With its built-in, double-ended socket, the Model Si-R fits directly onto ANSI flanged riser bolts to apply torque in the plane of the bolt head. This design eliminates the tendency to twist the wrench off of bolt heads when torque is applied. To reverse direction, the wrench is simply turned over - there is no disassembly required. Applied torque is clearly displayed on the torque gage mounted on the wrench.

The drilling rig's hydraulic system can be utilized to power the tool, or a skid mounted Model HP-5S hydraulic power supply can be provided. Choose the Model Si-R hydraulic torque wrench when you want to safely, quickly, and reliably torque the bolts on your ANSI flanged drilling riser.

Torque Wrench Features Include:

  1. Key mechanical parts made of super-alloys and heat treated alloy steel.
  2. Rugged 24-tooth ratchet with all teeth engaged at one time.
  3. Oversize Journal Bearings with grease fittings.
  4. Standard hydraulic cylinders instead of costly custom units.
  5. Low operating pressure for longer life and operator safety.
  6. "Hands-on Control" with control valve & torque gage on the tool.
  7. 30-degree bolt revolution with each cylinder stroke.
  8. Corrosion resistant coatings and many stainless steel parts.
  9. No bending in the wrench - torque reaction is in the plane of the bolt head.
  10. Adjustable torque reaction arm to fit other risers or other applications.
  11. Largest installed base of riser wrenches in the industry.