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BMF Hydraulic Torque Wrench Tools

BMF Torque Wrench Company is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic powered torque wrenches for industrial applications. We design and manufacture our hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic pumps and torque sockets to last a lifetime. Our high quality and reliable designs have resulted in our hydraulic torque wrench products being implemented on more offshore drilling rigs than all other manufacturers combined.

Since 1984, BMF Torque Wrench Co. has been providing high quality hydraulic torque wrenches, power sockets and hydraulic power supplies to our customers at reasonable prices. Contact us today to find out for yourself why choosing a BMF hydraulic torque wrench is the smart way to approach your large bolt application.

This web site presents product information on the various sizes and types of hydraulic torque wrench systems we offer, in addition to a full range of impact sockets/power sockets and hydraulic power supply units. Please review the various products we manufacture, and contact us for additional information on any equipment of interest. We offer hydraulic power units which utilize various electrical currents to suit country specific requirements, as well as air-powered units and explosion proof designs for hazardous environment applications.

Should one of our standard line of hydraulic torque wrench products not fit your special application, contact us today about developing a custom hydraulic wrench or socket design to meet your needs. Our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide you with novel solutions in circumstances where a standard hydraulic wrench design will not suffice. If you don't see exactly what you need, contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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