Made in the USA

At BMF Torque Wrench Co. we manufacture our own hydraulic power supplies to insure full compatibility with our torque wrenches and maximum performance at any torque setting. The HP power supplies are simple, portable units with carrying handles for ease of transportation. They deliver plenty of fluid power for BMF Torque Wrenches rated at 16,000 Ft-Lbs and higher.

Operation is very simple! Just connect the hoses and turn the unit on, then dial in the exact torque desired. The individual holding the wrench then controls its operation. Control valves can be located on the wrench or anywhere along the supply hose. (Separate electrical control pendants are not required). When the preset torque value is reached, the wrench automatically stops turning the bolt. Actual torque being applied at any given moment is displayed on an easy to read torque gage mounted on the power supply.

The basic accessories to connect and operate a BMF Torque Wrench are always included with each Model HP Hydraulic Power Supply. These include a Stainless Steel liquid-filled torque gage with the direct readings in Ft-Lbs (or N-m), and two standard 15 Ft. long hydraulic hoses with live swivels at both ends. The gold Torque Control Valve has a knurled knob with a lock for setting and maintaining precise torque output. All of the Model HP power supplies listed here are rated at 300 to 3000 PSI to ensure safe and reliable operation for years to come.

HP-3 5 GAL 1.4 GPM @ 3000 PSI 3-HP 220VAC 60HZ 3PH 14 X 14 26 8 94
HP-4 10 GAL 2.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI 5-HP 220VAC 60HZ 3PH 14 X 14 30 14 94
HP-5 20 GAL 5.0 GPM @ 3000 PSI 10-HP 220VAC 60HZ 3PH 14 X 28 31 14 145